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2010_10impulses for a better quality of life

The ongoing demographic development constantly changes the needs in the field of nursing care. Politics, nursing care institutions, rehab centres and ambulatory care services keep facing new challenges and obstacles, for instance tighter financial budgets.
The integra fair, held April 25th-27th 2018 in Wels, tackles these issues and provides new impulse for a better quality of life for those who are affected, for their relatives and for professionals who work in social and health care.


On an area of 14000 more than 240 exhibitors offer a wide array of products ranging from innovative technical products for rehab to a variety of aids to facilitate day-to-day care. 

With regard to learning, visitors can get up-to-date regarding all the latest information and trends in nursing care and assistance as well as therapy and rehabilitation.
The special forum “Caring for Relatives” provides guests with insights into daily nursing care.

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